Does TaskRabbit Work or Is It a Scam?

TaskRabbit Review

To pull back the curtain on our anti-TaskRabbit laptop business, enter your email.

You’ll see everything my partner Dan and I do to generate millions of dollars online… but without resorting to all the sleazy shenanigans the TaskRabbit big wigs tell you to do.

And it’s not just us. We’ve got over 1,300 students (dozens of former TaskRabbit Advisors) doing it too. Just sayin’.

Anyways, if I can’t get you to set the Kool-Aid down — and you’re determined to make TaskRabbit work — let me at least give you some free advice.

Let’s talk video strategy.

If I were still promoting TaskRabbit scam, I’d be doing it online. ‘Cause selling to neighbors and members of my church? Gross. No thanks.

I’ve already told you how to sell TaskRabbit through blogging and via Facebook. But what about YouTube?

How to market TaskRabbit on YouTube

The thing to remember is: selling is selling.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming the “channel” (be it Instagram or Twitter or Vimeo or handing out flyers door-to-door, even) somehow shakes shit up significantly. It does not.

Always use best practices coupled with common sense and you’ll be way ahead of the average distributor.

This means: educate and serve, as opposed to sell; be genuine, not fake; real, not hype-y; unique, not typical; and make it about you, not the friggin’ Spark or the stupid compensation plan.

But assuming you handle the basics, what should you make your videos about?

And how do you optimize each video so that it’s effective as possible?

Well, you’re in luck. See, it just so happens uncle B-rad has made some money on YouTube, even though I’m far from good at it. (Which only proves: showing up is half the battle.)

Here’s what I’ve done with some degree of success:

1) I make a list of the keywords my best buyers are searching both YouTube and Google for on a daily basis. Remember, YouTube, itself, is a search engine… and so is Google.

For TaskRabbit , this list would look like so:

  • TaskRabbit Spark review
  • 24 Day Challenge review
  • 24 Day Challenge before and after photos
  • Are TaskRabbit products legit
  • TaskRabbit business opportunity
  • Should I join TaskRabbit
  • How to become an TaskRabbit distributor
  • Why are Brad’s arms so smooth

Kidding about the last one. (‘Cause I shave ’em. Duh.) But yeah, that’s the first step.

2) Next — wait for it — I get busy filming valuable videos… one for each keyword I wrote down. It’s important to not overthink this stuff.

Nobody’s expecting a presidential speech. Just be yourself and speak from the heart.

If I mapped out every video I wanted to make in elaborate detail before hitting record? Trust me: I’d never upload a single video to YouTube.

While everyone else is busy getting ready (to get ready), you need to be the action-taker.

The one who just gets shit done. Every single day.

Seriously, I wouldn’t worry about length, lightning, how many “umm’s” and “like’s” you had in there, or what type of comment Mr. Anonymous will inevitably leave you.

Doesn’t matter. Unless you like letting fear hold you back, of course.

3) Finally, you upload each video and employ common sense.

Meaning, title the video the keyword you were going after. And write a little summary in the description with some related shit TaskRabbit prospects would be looking for. Sprinkle in 2-3 of the most common variations of the main keyword into the “tags” field? And you’re golden.

With enough consistent uploading, your YouTube channel will be seen as the go-to source for all things TaskRabbit .

And YouTube (and Google) will serve up your vids first when someone searches for the TaskRabbit topics you’ve published content for.

What you end each video with, in terms of a call to action, is up to you.

Call/text me, email me, leave a comment, click over to my blog, whatever’s clever. Trevor. You’re in the driver’s seat.

The interested eyeballs is the hard part. Once you have them, it’s all downhill.

Now go get busy filming videos… and push some product and sponsor some fools using YouTube, would ya?

Or, there’s always Wealthy Affiliate (when you come to your senses and realize MLM is for fools, like I did).

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MyPoints Daily Rewards Program: Legit or Scam?

How to make huge amount of money with MyPoints

Do you know that if you promote product of any company who provides affiliate links like Amazon , then you will earn fixed commission for that product if anyone make a purchase through your link. And that’s how affiliate marketing works.

In this blog we will further see all the aspects associated with this term affiliate marketing MyPoints scam review – Stealth Secrets. And you will get all the knowledge you require to make handsome amount of money by using affiliate marketing technique.

Now let’s understand what actually the affiliate marketing means.

What actually is MyPoints? And how anyone can set up a good earning platform?

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways of many companies to sell their products and services to increase their selling at the same time this will also work as a brand promotion of a company. For affiliate marketing, you need to have your own website/blog or YouTube channel or any other platform where you have huge amount of fan following and you have to refer buying links to your subscribers and readers.

Send this traffic to the affiliated website to buy their products and services. For every single purchase made through your referral links, you will earn some money. Now, this earning depends on the percentage fixed by the affiliated company or a merchant.



This traffic will make a huge difference in your earnings if you have a great fan following else it doesn’t make much difference but this affiliate commission does not work only for the particular product’s/service’s link you referred to your subscribers, the traffic go through your referred link even if they buy something else rather than your offered products/services then also you will get your percentage of commission because the purchased is made through your referred links which is an amazing factor.

There are hundreds of affiliate programs all over the internet for all types of products. But in India, the most popular affiliate programs are from Amazon and Flipkart.

So in this article we’ll focus on promoting products from these sites.

The best part about Amazon is, once someone has clicked your affiliate link you will earn commissions on any product bought by them in the next 24hrs. This means, you’ll be paid for not just the product you promote but for all products sold on amazon.

For example: Let’s say, A person clicks on your affiliate link at 9 a.m.

But buys nothing!

Again at 8 p.m, he/she goes to amazon directly & buys a product.

You’ll get the commission for the sale.

This is because when someone clicks your affiliate link a ‘cookie’ gets placed in the user’s browser and all purchases he/she makes within the next 24hrs, will be credited to you.

How to Choose Products/Services on MyPoints:

When you join any affiliate program and decide to sell through this program you need to choose a product category and while choosing any product category always remember one thing that only select products related to your category or topics which you are providing to your followers this will increase the selling because people who visits your site or subscribed to your channel they have a certain kind of interest in the topic which you are serving them that is why they are following you so they would be more interested if you offer them something related to your topic and will find it useful as well. This will increase the probability of selling also, on the other hand, if you offer them something totally different to your category why they will purchase it?

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Sweatcoin App Review: Is It A Legit Opportunity That Pays Or Is It Just A Scam?

SweatCoin App Review

Before you see profits from your blog, you have to start with a solid foundation. This foundation consists of good content that speaks to your target audience and a base of readers who are engaged in you and your content.

While these initial steps may not bring in immediate profits, they are an essential part of the process. Firstly, your blog must have high-quality content that appeals to your readers.

High-quality means that the content should be well-written and error free in addition to being informative and helpful. If a blogger posts content Sweatcoin App scam that has numerous spelling and grammar errors or makes deliberately untrue statements, then readers are unlikely to trust that blogger and his or her other content.

Is Sweatcoin Legit?

You should also be sure to establish your niche. Your niche is your blog’s topic and should be something that you enjoy writing about. You should also have a fair amount of knowledge of your topic or you should be willing to take the time to research and learn about it.

Your niche should be broad enough that you don’t run out of things to write, but specific enough that you can reach your target audience with your content and with any advertising you choose to do.

For example, you may wish to blog about how to learn a second language. You have several different options with this topic. You could opt to blog about language learning in general and not get into the specifics of a particular language.

How Does Sweatcoin Work?

This would be a good topic because it is broad enough to provide you with plenty of material while still being narrow enough to give your blog a good structure. However, if you decided to write about how to learn multiple specific languages such as Chinese, French and Russian, you are creating too broad of a blog.

Your audience members will be confused because some may want to read only your posts about French while others may be looking for information about learning Chinese. In this case, it would best if you pick one language to blog about.

If you really want to write about the three different languages then you could start three separate blogs instead of trying to cram too many topics into one space.

As you establish yourself as a blogger, you should seek to build your readership. This can be done in variety of ways. One particularly easy way to build readership is to read other blogs and post comments on them.

How Do You Make Money With Sweatcoin?

Thought provoking questions or statements in the form of comments will provide readers of that blog with a brief snapshot of you and your writing and may encourage them to check out your blog.

Commenting on other blogs will also help you to begin to dialogue with other blog authors and can help you to start the process of networking with others. As you build relationships with other authors, you should also begin to write guest posts for other blogs and invite other bloggers to write guest posts on your own blog.

By doing this, you can introduce yourself to an entirely new group of readers who might not have found you otherwise. You should also be sure to respond to every comment made on your own blog. By responding to comments, you will demonstrate to your readers that you care about what they have to say.

This sense of caring will make them more likely to care about what you have to say in return. By doing this, you can help to turn people who occasionally read your posts into regular readers while simultaneously keeping regular readers thoroughly engaged in your content.

Another idea for engaging readers is put on contests, competitions or giveaways. This can draw in new readers while also generating excitement among current readers.

As you work on the above steps you should also be building an email list. This list can be used to update your readers about your latest posts, contests, products or services you are selling, events or other promotions.

Putting on contests is a good way to build up this list because you could offer some sort of product such as a mug or t-shirt in exchange for a person’s email address. You should also be sure to have a place on your blog where users can enter their email address to subscribe to your posts.

As you and your blog rise in popularity, your email list may become a source of revenue because you can also sell spots for advertisers to place ads within your email newsletters.

Your email list can be an important outlet for selling advertisements in addition to promoting yourself and any products or services you would like to sell.

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What is Crowdtap? – A Review

Crowdtap Review

A common primary source of revenue for blogs is advertising. Depending on the method of advertising you prefer, you can place ads on your blog from the moment you first create it.

The initial profits from these ads is likely to be minimal, but can build up over time. Some common methods of advertising on blogs are AdSense, direct advertising and sponsored posts.

Crowdtap scam is offered by google and allows you to place targeted ads on your blog. Setting up AdSense is a fairly easy process that entails setting up an AdSense account, selecting the type of advertisement you would like on your blog, and selecting where on your blog the ads should appear. Advertisers will then place bids on the space on your blog. Depending on your blog’s popularity, this could generate a fair amount of profits.

Is Crowdtap Legit?

Even if you only see minimal revenue from AdSense initially, as your blog becomes more popular, the profits from AdSense will increase. A final benefit of AdSense is that Google handles all of the financial details. You as a blogger do not have to deal directly with advertisers.

Instead, Google itself will auction off your ad space, collect the finances owed from the advertiser, and pay you, the blogger. The downside with AdSense is that it is pay-per-click, which means that you only see profits if your users are clicking on the ads on your blog. You will not generate revenue simply from having the ads on your blog if users are not clicking them.

How Do I Make Money With Crowdtap?

There are quite a few programs that are somewhat like AdSense that bloggers might use instead. Examples of these programs include Amazon Associates, Adversal or PopCash.

Before placing advertisements on your blog, you should research the different options available to you to decide what’s best for your blog and the financial goals you have for it. Each program has different requirements in order for bloggers to join.

For example, Adversal requires that your blog has 50,000 views per month in order to be eligible to create an account with them. These programs also offer different payout methods, payment dates and other benefits.

Some bloggers prefer to take a more hands-on approach to advertising and sell ads directly to advertisers. This can be more profitable than AdSense because there is no middleman taking a cut from the profits the blogger earns. The downside to this is that it can be difficult to find someone who wants to advertise directly with you.

One option is to place a box on your blog with a caption such as, “Your ad here”. This can communicate to an advertiser that you are seeking sponsorship directly from an advertiser. You can also create a page on your blog that provides information about advertising on your blog. This page should include statistics about the type of traffic your blog receives. Finally you can use your social media pages to communicate that you are looking for advertisers.

While these are excellent passive methods of selling direct advertising, you will most likely need to take an assertive approach as well. You can do this by directly contacting individuals and companies and expressing to them that you are interested in selling them a space on your blog for advertising. In order to begin selling direct advertising, you will need to have a well-designed and fairly popular website with a clear target audience. Advertisers are not interested in working with just any blog, so you need to make it very clear that your blog is the best possible location for them to place advertisements on. While selling direct advertising can be extremely profitable, it is typically not a good monetization method for new blogs and bloggers because they do not yet have the audience size needed for an advertiser to justify purchasing advertising space.

You can find direct advertisers through a variety of methods. Firstly, you can seek out other bloggers on forums and communicate with them about how they have found direct advertisers. These bloggers may be able to point you in the right direction – especially if your blog niches are similar. Another method of finding advertisers is to look through direct advertising marketplaces such as AdClerks or BuySellAds. There are quite a few of these marketplaces. Some marketplaces provide a space for general advertising while others are focused on a specific topic such as cooking. You can also browse through blogs that have similar topics as your own or search google for companies that sell products or services that are relevant to your blog. After you find a company that seems to match your blog, you should contact them by email to discuss the possibility of selling them advertising space on your site.

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Is Affiliate Marketing Saturated? Myth Or Reality?

Is affiliate marketing saturated or is it just a myth that newbie marketers spread because they can’t cut the mustard?

Here’s the thing, affiliate marketing is not the easiest occupation to get into.

Yes, it can be lucrative, but, honesty, like anything worthwhile, you do have to put in the effort to succeed in this business.

Some people are “born” to be affiliate marketers, and some, well, just aren’t.

To be an effective affiliate marketer, you should have a strong work ethic and be analytically minded. It’s not essential, but it does go a long way to being successful in this industry.

Is Affiliate Marketer Saturated?

The long and short answer to this question is ‘Yes’ and ‘No’.

Now, I know this is not the answer you were looking for, but if you give me a few seconds, I’ll explain the logic in this statement.

Some niches are very saturated, especially if you are targeting the same audience as all of the top affiliate marketers in the industry.

For example, let’s say your target audience is the ‘weight loss’ niche.

Most new affiliate marketers would opt to go for people searching for ‘weight loss’, ‘weight loss products’, ‘how to lose weight fast’, ‘how to lose weight quickly’.

If you’ve been in the ‘weight loss’ niche, you know what I’m talking about.

And you will also know that these are terms that you won’t be able to compete with, because they will already be taken by affiliates who know what they’re doing.

Therefore, you could argue that affiliate marketing is very saturated, and to a large degree you’d be right.

However,this doesn’t mean you can’t compete in the same niche as all the other affiliates, but more that you need to take a different course of action.

Learn How To Find Sub Niches

You can still compete in the same space as all the other affiliates using related terms or related niches.

This way, you’re not competing with the big boys, but instead ‘tapping’ into a marketplace that is ‘untapped’.

So imagine, being the first person to appear in the search results for keyword phrases nobody else is targeting.

Do you think you’d have a good chance of getting new visitors to your website?

Of course you would.

This is how all new affiliates should be approaching online marketing.

And if you’re the only one competing in a marketplace, then affiliate marketing is not too saturated.

It’s just a case of being more creative and resourceful than everyone else.

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