Does TaskRabbit Work or Is It a Scam?

TaskRabbit Review

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Anyways, if I can’t get you to set the Kool-Aid down — and you’re determined to make TaskRabbit work — let me at least give you some free advice.

Let’s talk video strategy.

If I were still promoting TaskRabbit scam, I’d be doing it online. ‘Cause selling to neighbors and members of my church? Gross. No thanks.

I’ve already told you how to sell TaskRabbit through blogging and via Facebook. But what about YouTube?

How to market TaskRabbit on YouTube

The thing to remember is: selling is selling.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming the “channel” (be it Instagram or Twitter or Vimeo or handing out flyers door-to-door, even) somehow shakes shit up significantly. It does not.

Always use best practices coupled with common sense and you’ll be way ahead of the average distributor.

This means: educate and serve, as opposed to sell; be genuine, not fake; real, not hype-y; unique, not typical; and make it about you, not the friggin’ Spark or the stupid compensation plan.

But assuming you handle the basics, what should you make your videos about?

And how do you optimize each video so that it’s effective as possible?

Well, you’re in luck. See, it just so happens uncle B-rad has made some money on YouTube, even though I’m far from good at it. (Which only proves: showing up is half the battle.)

Here’s what I’ve done with some degree of success:

1) I make a list of the keywords my best buyers are searching both YouTube and Google for on a daily basis. Remember, YouTube, itself, is a search engine… and so is Google.

For TaskRabbit , this list would look like so:

  • TaskRabbit Spark review
  • 24 Day Challenge review
  • 24 Day Challenge before and after photos
  • Are TaskRabbit products legit
  • TaskRabbit business opportunity
  • Should I join TaskRabbit
  • How to become an TaskRabbit distributor
  • Why are Brad’s arms so smooth

Kidding about the last one. (‘Cause I shave ’em. Duh.) But yeah, that’s the first step.

2) Next — wait for it — I get busy filming valuable videos… one for each keyword I wrote down. It’s important to not overthink this stuff.

Nobody’s expecting a presidential speech. Just be yourself and speak from the heart.

If I mapped out every video I wanted to make in elaborate detail before hitting record? Trust me: I’d never upload a single video to YouTube.

While everyone else is busy getting ready (to get ready), you need to be the action-taker.

The one who just gets shit done. Every single day.

Seriously, I wouldn’t worry about length, lightning, how many “umm’s” and “like’s” you had in there, or what type of comment Mr. Anonymous will inevitably leave you.

Doesn’t matter. Unless you like letting fear hold you back, of course.

3) Finally, you upload each video and employ common sense.

Meaning, title the video the keyword you were going after. And write a little summary in the description with some related shit TaskRabbit prospects would be looking for. Sprinkle in 2-3 of the most common variations of the main keyword into the “tags” field? And you’re golden.

With enough consistent uploading, your YouTube channel will be seen as the go-to source for all things TaskRabbit .

And YouTube (and Google) will serve up your vids first when someone searches for the TaskRabbit topics you’ve published content for.

What you end each video with, in terms of a call to action, is up to you.

Call/text me, email me, leave a comment, click over to my blog, whatever’s clever. Trevor. You’re in the driver’s seat.

The interested eyeballs is the hard part. Once you have them, it’s all downhill.

Now go get busy filming videos… and push some product and sponsor some fools using YouTube, would ya?

Or, there’s always Wealthy Affiliate (when you come to your senses and realize MLM is for fools, like I did).

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