MyPoints Daily Rewards Program: Legit or Scam?

How to make huge amount of money with MyPoints

Do you know that if you promote product of any company who provides affiliate links like Amazon , then you will earn fixed commission for that product if anyone make a purchase through your link. And that’s how affiliate marketing works.

In this blog we will further see all the aspects associated with this term affiliate marketing MyPoints scam review – Stealth Secrets. And you will get all the knowledge you require to make handsome amount of money by using affiliate marketing technique.

Now let’s understand what actually the affiliate marketing means.

What actually is MyPoints? And how anyone can set up a good earning platform?

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways of many companies to sell their products and services to increase their selling at the same time this will also work as a brand promotion of a company. For affiliate marketing, you need to have your own website/blog or YouTube channel or any other platform where you have huge amount of fan following and you have to refer buying links to your subscribers and readers.

Send this traffic to the affiliated website to buy their products and services. For every single purchase made through your referral links, you will earn some money. Now, this earning depends on the percentage fixed by the affiliated company or a merchant.



This traffic will make a huge difference in your earnings if you have a great fan following else it doesn’t make much difference but this affiliate commission does not work only for the particular product’s/service’s link you referred to your subscribers, the traffic go through your referred link even if they buy something else rather than your offered products/services then also you will get your percentage of commission because the purchased is made through your referred links which is an amazing factor.

There are hundreds of affiliate programs all over the internet for all types of products. But in India, the most popular affiliate programs are from Amazon and Flipkart.

So in this article we’ll focus on promoting products from these sites.

The best part about Amazon is, once someone has clicked your affiliate link you will earn commissions on any product bought by them in the next 24hrs. This means, you’ll be paid for not just the product you promote but for all products sold on amazon.

For example: Let’s say, A person clicks on your affiliate link at 9 a.m.

But buys nothing!

Again at 8 p.m, he/she goes to amazon directly & buys a product.

You’ll get the commission for the sale.

This is because when someone clicks your affiliate link a ‘cookie’ gets placed in the user’s browser and all purchases he/she makes within the next 24hrs, will be credited to you.

How to Choose Products/Services on MyPoints:

When you join any affiliate program and decide to sell through this program you need to choose a product category and while choosing any product category always remember one thing that only select products related to your category or topics which you are providing to your followers this will increase the selling because people who visits your site or subscribed to your channel they have a certain kind of interest in the topic which you are serving them that is why they are following you so they would be more interested if you offer them something related to your topic and will find it useful as well. This will increase the probability of selling also, on the other hand, if you offer them something totally different to your category why they will purchase it?

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